Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Good To Have A Backup

While all services strive for maximum uptime and reliability, necessary maintenance and unforeseeable events mean even the best service experience outages. What do companies do to keep their customers “in the loop” when the extraordinary happens?

Q: A tech company relies on its servers. What do companies do to alert customers when their servers are down?
A: Companies are usually at a loss because when their servers are down, so are their customer databases and notification systems...

Q: So, intelligent companies come up with a backup plan, right?
A: Yes, intelligent companies do--

Here at JangoSMTP, we're proud to announce the launch of a new customer alert system built entirely separate from our internal mail servers and customer database. This system will send emergency notifications to clients in the event that we have an outage of any kind.

With this new notification system in place, customers can rest assured that nothing will prevent us from notifying them of important news or information that affects their service. This feature was brought on by customer request, and we're very happy to receive such input from clients who have a great need for reliability.

But what do you say we revisit that last question again?

Q: So, intelligent companies come up with a backup plan? (when their servers go down)
A: Yes, and really intelligent companies, they make sure those outages don't happen in the first place.

Already at JangoSMTP, we're proud to boast server reliability greater than 99.5% -- this is top notch for the industry and hardly met by competitors. But soon we'll be rolling out with even greater reliability--where a service interruption of any kind could quite literally be unheard of. A development process is already underway to unfold a large scaling customer database redundancy network throughout the US.

Let me explain. JangoSMTP is already equipped with quite a bit of redundancy. Our distributed network of email senders are in place throughout the US ensuring that your mail is sent, if not by its primary server, then by one of over 60 backup servers in place. This is why our delivery rate is simply unparalleled by our competitors.

Soon we'll bring this same kind of reliability to our customer database as well, so a disruption of any kind at JangoSMTP would just be pretty remote to say the least.

We have many customers worldwide that rely on us to be their email delivery partner, so our architecture development team will continue to grow redundancies throughout every portion of our system. Stay tuned for updates and many more exciting features coming soon! As always, please continue to send us feedback about how we can better serve you. We want to build the product bigger and better and make it fill the needs that arise in the industry. Thank you for using JangoSMTP.

Matthew Mock has joined our team as Product Manager. Matt specializes in building the bridges between customer experience and the developer team, to plan, coordinate, and bring to fruition the great feature ideas and improvements that come from our customers and architecture team members alike. Matt has a degree in Computer Science from Colorado School of Mines and has developed numerous viral web apps including the Youtube music player, MoonPlayer. We welcome Matt onto the team! --Kim Wright, Director of Operations)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Latest Email Commercial: Undelivered. Undead.

What happens to emails that aren't sent with JangoSMTP?

They roam for an eternity in the nether regions of the email underworld. Not quite dead, but lost in the maze of network obstacles and spam filters.

Be your Email's hero and keep him away from the pile of the email undead.


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