Thursday, June 14, 2012

IP Authentication - We've Reached 10,000

At JangoSMTP, we stand apart from the crowd in many ways, and one of the most prominent is our ability to authenticate customers directly by IP address. In fact, we now have more than 10,000 IPs authenticating into our transactional mail relays worldwide

IP authentication allows customers to pass mail through the JangoSMTP mail relay from anywhere in their organization, without providing traditional account credentials (such as a username and password). Customers who choose to use IP authentication can add their outgoing email IP addresses to the IP authentication list. Then when we receive their email, we can recognize their IP address as a trusted client and forward the email right along. Sending is a breeze.

Add your IP addresses to the "Authenticated IP Addresses" list on the Settings page

JangoSMTP has proven to be a powerful tool for thousands or organizations sending email. They depend on the service for its' outstanding deliverability, reliability, tracking, advanced reporting, sending triggers, and more.  Setup is simple and even more so with the flexibility of IP authentication. Simply specify JangoSMTP as your outgoing email server in your email client or email server, add your IP to our "Authenticated IP Addresses" list under settings. And let us handle the rest. It's that easy! Note: Your IP should be dedicated (not dynamic or shared).

The IP authentication feature is one of JangoSMTP's superstars. Customers from more than 117 countries worldwide authenticate into the mail relays via IP and entrust us with their email delivery. If you haven't given this option of authentication a try we encourage it. Many find that it provides a high level of flexibility to their transactional sending needs.

How are you emailing? Drop us a line. Or an email. We'd love to hear from you! Thanks for using JangoSMTP.