Wednesday, July 9, 2014

James Explains: Stay True to Your Subject Line

It’s very simple actually, stick to your subject line.  The purpose of your email should be identified in your subject.  Keep it short and sweet and do not overthink it.  Tell your audience what they are about to open and the rest is gravy.

Your subject should be clear, concise, and true. If your message is a transactional one, meant to confirm that your customer’s order has shipped, make sure your subject line says so. “You’re Order has Shipped!” Enough said.

The body of the message should also be composed in a way that your reader is going to see the promised information first and foremost. Promotional content should be included but should not be taking up prime real estate.

Related products or services are most effective below the fold. Don’t think your customer won’t notice a bait and switch move. They will. The idea is to capitalize on the opportunity to provide valuable marketing information to your customers, should they decide they are ready to see it.

So, stay true to your subject line and don’t veer from it.  Your open rates depend on it!

Special thanks to JangoSMTP Account Executive, Erica Melzer, for helping me with this post!


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