Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Does JangoSMTP Compare to Amazon SES?

By now many of you have probably heard about Amazon's new Simple Email Service (SES). If you haven't heard, Amazon recently launced SES, a low-cost, very basic API-driven transactional email service. There are many people interested in learning more about how this compares to JangoSMTP, so we wanted to help you understand how both email services work.

How does JangoSMTP compare to Amazon SES and which is the right service for me?

If you are looking for a minimalist email service for the lowest price, then the Amazon SES may make sense for you.

JangoSMTP is more robust, in that it has both API and SMTP relay options, along with bounce and unsubscribe management, open and click tracking and advanced reporting (Google Analytics, logging, etc.).

Do you need more than a simple sending service? This is not a one size fits all industry, so consider the following in making your choice so that you get the right fit for your needs:

- Delivery assistance. How do you confirm your messages are getting through, and how do you get help if they are not?

- Development skills. Do you have the development resources available to build to an API? Do you need to build an automated solution to handle complaints and bounces as you receive them? (Amazon sends these back to the From Address used in the campaign, and you have to handle them locally.)

- Reporting. What do you want to see about how your mailings are doing? Do you only need a log of messages sent, or do you want to see if they’ve been opened, links clicked, etc.?

There is a lot of room in the high volume email industry, and you want to find the right fit so that your integration doesn’t leave you frustrated with your results.

Here's a quick comparison chart for reference:

JangoSMTPAmazon SES

Open Tracking

Click Tracking

Automatic DKIM Signing

Google Analytics Integration

Log reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Automated Complaint/Bounce Handling

Customer/Delivery Support


SMTP Relay Server

Price Per 1,000
$0.97- $7.00$0.10

Free Service
200 emails/month2,000 emails/day