Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Can Now Use the JangoSMTP Relay with Gmail

Gmail allows users to use a custom From Address to send emails, but some recipients would see both the From Address and the Gmail Sender Address. Messages would appear to recipients as "From On Behalf Of". Gmail announced last week that users can now send with their custom domain through their company's email servers, and that will eliminate the "On Behalf of" message.

This means that you can now use the JangoMail SMTP Service with Gmail to eliminate the "On Behalf of" message and give you the added benefits of Open Tracking, Click Tracking, SMTP logging, and participation in the Sender Score Certified Program.

*Please note: This is only available for people using a custom From Address (NON-Gmail Address) in Gmail.

Configuring Your Gmail Account

Set up Gmail to use the JangoSMTP Relay.

1. Sign into your Gmail account.
2. Go to Settings in the upper right corner.
3. Click on the Accounts tab.
4. In the Send mail as: section, click edit info next to the account that you want to change. You should already have your business email address set up to send through Gmail. If you don't, click the Add Another Email Address option and follow the steps provided.
5. Hit the Next Step button.
6. Choose the Send through [your domain] SMTP servers option.
7. For SMTP Server, erase the default address and type in
8. For Port, choose 25.
9. Type in your JangoSMTP Username and Password.
8. Save Changes
Gmail will now send your emails via the JangoSMTP Relay instead of its own servers. Enjoy the Open Tracking, Click Tracking, and all the other benefits of our SMTP service.

To view Gmail's announcement of this new feature, visit: