Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Unsubscribe Option: A Two-Step Process

We are excited to announce our latest new feature: a two-stop unsubscribe process that allows you to ask your recipient to confirm intent to unsubscribe after clicking the unsubscribe link in an email campaign. This new setting is located under Settings --> Unsubscribe Options.

Check the Enable two-step unsubscribe box to take a recipient who clicks an unsubscribe link to a web page where he needs to click a secondary link to actually unsubscribe. Without this setting, clicking the original link in the email will unsubscribe him. This feature enforces a two-step unsubscribe process versus a one-step unsubscribe process.

Our clients have been asking for this feature because:
  1. Subscribers sometimes click the unsubscribe link unintentionally.  When this feature is turned on, clicking the link in the email will not immediately unsubscribe a recipient.
  2. Some anti-spam systems scan the body of an email and programmatically visit every URL in the email, thus triggering the click of the unsubscribe link. The two-step confirmation process will prevent software from automatically unsubscribing a recipient.
By default, the two-step unsubscribe feature is off. You must check the box to turn this feature on.