Thursday, May 15, 2014

James Explains: Name Recognition

Who is James? Name Recognition Explained.

Have you received an email lately from a specific person?  If it made it to your inbox you probably didn't open it because you didn't recognize the name.  A week or so later it caught your eye again, because this time the subject line read, “Hi, it’s Casey Green from blank business”.

In my last post, we spoke a little about being personable and polite in our messages. You may be tempted to use a real person’s name as the sender of a transactional message, in fact, it seems to be a new trend lately. However, we caution against doing so.


Because we do not expect everyone to remember who Casey Green is from blank business.

While there is nothing about this that will seem impolite to a reader, it could confuse them a bit.  All of our customers, for example, know exactly what JangoSMTP is, but few of them would recognize my name by itself.  James could mean a number of people.

Name recognition can only help you when it comes to enticing a recipient to open your message.  Remember, often times, they are already expecting your transactional message…and they’re expecting it to come from your company, not an employee.

It’s okay to open using their name, or close your message with a personal salutation from a member of your team.  However, it’s your company name that should be visible from the inbox.

Special thanks to JangoSMTP Account Executive, Erica Melzer, for helping me with this post!


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