Monday, January 28, 2013

2 Cool New Features You Should Know About

How are things? We've just a couple announcements for you this week–2 new features we think will help you make the most of your JangoSMTP emailin' experience.

Clear Your Bounce Addresses

Remember, bounces occur when you try to send an email to an email address and for whatever reason, it doesn't go through. This could be for a number of reasons including:

  • The recipient email server could be permanently down
  • The recipient email server could be temporarily down
  • The recipient email server could be in a transitional state
  • The recipient's email address could be temporarily locked (mailbox full, temporarily suspended etc.)
  • The recipients email address could be unavailable (user's email doesn't exist, permanently suspended, etc.)
Many of the potential reasons for a bounce are temporary. As a practice at JangoSMTP, we stop sending email to an addresses after it has experienced a bounce three times. This is sufficient for most users. But if you want to maximize your potential reach, it makes sense for many users to clear some or all of their bounced addresses periodically to reattempt sending unless they've determined the email address to be permanently closed.

To clear your bounce addresses, go to "Settings-->Authoring-->Clear Bounce Addresses" make your selections and click "Save'.

Choose a time frame you wish to clear bounces from and click "Save" to clear your bounce addresses and reattempt sending to those addresses in future emails.


Download Customer Receipt PDFs

Here's a feature we released for JangoMail a while back but didn't announce to the JangoSMTP crowd. Until now.

For every invoice you receive, enjoy the option to download a PDF version for your records. Who doesn't like to fire up the old Adobe Acrobat Reader every now and again? It prints out rather nicely too–

That's It

Short and simple this time. But don't worry, there will be plenty more for you on the way. We're always working to innovate. We've been doing a lot in the back end in recent weeks. We're re-writing code, optimizing and ensuring redundancies are in place to give you the fastest, most reliable service possible. We wish you the best and please contact us should you need anything.