Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trouble sending email through your ISP? JangoSMTP to the rescue!

A customer of ours recently purchased a new laptop and wanted to set up her email using Windows Live Mail 2011.  She already had a Shaw webmail account and wanted to set it up inside of Windows Live Mail.  Using the instructions provided by her webmail account, she was unable to get it working - “I could receive but not send email...kept getting error codes...and I’m not bad at this stuff!”

After two days of trying to get this working, she found JangoSMTP while doing a search, and decided to try our services.  After setting up a free account with us, she said “(I) reconfigured my outgoing server settings, and have had no problems”.  While port 25 didn’t work for her (this port is blocked by many internet providers), she used another port that we provide, port 587 and was able to immediately start sending emails.

“This is awesome, you guys are the magic answer!”

Using your ISP’s email server to send email can sometimes be problematic, due to restrictions put in place to help prevent spammers from relaying email through their email servers.  These restrictions can sometimes place legitimate users in a difficult position of not being able to get their outgoing email working.  This is where JangoSMTP can help!  Using JangoSMTP, you can set up your email client to relay messages through our servers, but replies will still come back to your own address.

If you’re in a similar situation and are looking for an answer to your sending problems, try a Free JangoSMTP account.  Have questions?  Let us know - we’re standing by to help!