Friday, March 19, 2010

New API method to retrieve SMTP log files

Several years ago, we were the first email service provider to provide access to SMTP logs for email marketing campaigns. Now we're the first to provide access to SMTP logs via an API. Today we have launched the method Reports_GetSMTPLog to retrieve the SMTP log for a given email address for a given email campaign. Just pass in the campaign ID and the recipient email address.

This method only retrieves SMTP logs for broadcast email marketing campaigns. We are working on a method to retrieve SMTP logs for transactional email messages as well, but this poses some challenges not seen with broadcast campaigns. For example, while broadcast campaigns generally don't have duplicate email addresses, it is very possible that in a Transactional Group's email messages, a single email address has received multiple transactional messages over time. Thus, simply passing in a Transactional Group Name and an email address won't suffice for retrieving the log, since the API needs to be able to determine the time range of logs to search in order to display them to the caller.
  • Reports_GetSMTPLog
    Returns the SMTP log for a specified recipient of a specified email campaign