Monday, November 23, 2009

Error handling for the SMTP Relay Service


We've launched a new error handling system for the SMTP relay system. There are a number of reasons why a message sent through the SMTP relay may result in an error. For example:

1. If the recipient address is on your account's bounce list, then a "bounce" error will be thrown.
2. If the recipient address is on your account's unsubscribe list, then an "unsubscribe" error will be thrown.
3. If your account is over its sending limits, a "Over Account Limit" error will be thrown.
4. If a badly formed email message is passed through the relay, a "parsing" error will be thrown.

These errors are only detected after a message is received by the SMTP relay, so the error will NOT appear during the SMTP conversation with

When an error is detected, the error notification can be emailed to the Account Manager and/or the From Address on the email that resulted in the error. Additionally, the error is available for viewing under Reporting in the Transactional Emails section.

To set your error handling preferences, go to Settings --> SMTP Relay and set the two relevant checkboxes appropriately.


1. If you know that you regularly attempt to relay emails to addresses on your Unsubscribe and Bounce lists, you may wish to turn off the email notifications for errors entirely, as this could result in a large volume of emails to you.

2. To decide whether or not the error should also be sent to the From Address, consider what type of transactional emails you're sending through the SMTP relay. If the From Address is an address at your organization, then it's probably okay for the From Address to also receive errors. But, if you're sending social networking "You have a new message from John" type emails, where the From Address is that of one of your users, you probably don't want your users to receive error notifications from JangoMail. In this case, uncheck the box to send errors to the From Address.