Friday, June 5, 2009

New Feature: Trackable SMTP relay now in beta

Today we have launched a feature into beta, that no other email marketing service provider has -- an SMTP relay service built specifically for email marketers. Any JangoMail active account holder can test it right now.

You can now send all of your person-to-person and transactional emails through the JangoMail SMTP relay at

The benefits of relaying your individual email messages through instead of your corporate email server or your ISP email server are:
  1. Open Tracking
  2. Click Tracking
  3. SMTP Logging
  4. DomainKeys/DKIM signing
  5. Automatic plain text and HTML message generation
  6. Grouping of different types of emails into different categories for ease of reporting
We will soon be publishing a detailed document on how to use the SMTP relay service, but for now, follow these steps:
1. Login to your account and go to My Options and Settings --> SMTP Relay.
2. Review the settings and setup an authentication scheme, either by IP Address or by From Address.
3. If you choose to authenticate by From Address, then your email system will have to authenticate into the SMTP relay service with your JangoMail account username/password. Additionally, all of your emails must come from the From Address(es) that you specify under My Options and Settings --> SMTP Relay --> From Addresses.
4. After you've setup your authentication and tracking preferences, start relaying your email through You can connect on port 25 or port 2525.
5. All Reporting is in real-time under Reporting --> Transactional Emails.
Update on 6/15/09: Official PDF document now available at